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Bouncer and Danny

We are Bouncer and Danny.  We’ve pretty much been here from the beginning and have taught loads of children to ride.  We can be cheeky sometimes but we will always look after the children



Cas is a very special little pony, he's a very handsome little chap who is very energetic and has won lots of competitions for his fast jumping but that was in his heyday. Although he's getting on in years he still has a spring in his step. These days he loves to be ridden by the children and he takes them out on pony rides locally in Notting Hill or in the West London Stables arena. He is very affectionate and loves to be groomed and made a fuss of - he is a big favourite on the yard, everyone loves Cas!


Ned is a lovely Welsh pony, with her lovely shiny coat and four white socks and a lovely, long-haired mane. She loves to be out and about in the arena and always loves her rides. She is a sensitive soul and very hard working - she is a kind and gentle friend to adults riders. Like all the ponies at West London Stables, she is well schooled and will teach all who ride her the very best way to ride.
Ned enjoys a romp around with her 'herd' on her time off.


Rosie is such a favourite at the stables - everyone loves to ride her but she's not too big so only small adults and children can get to ride her. She has done so many things in her life - won lots of prizes and gone to many shows. She is a very sensitive soul, so you must be gentle with Rosie. She has taught many, many children to ride properly and is still helping children and adults alike to get the most from their riding. She loves to go for a hack around Wormwood Scrubs and enjoys being out and about - she keeps an eye on all the horses at the yard - you could say she is the matriarch of the stables...

She loves to meet up with 'the girls' Wednesday and Josie for a run around the arena and soak up the rays...


Josie has a lovely nature, she is a beautiful, young, small Welsh pony with a white blaze and she loves giving rides to the children, she is so calm the children are always safe with Josie, they go by lead rein in the arena, or for short pony rides around Notting Hill, close by the stables. Josie loves to lie in the sun snoozing in the arena on hot days and she often hangs out with the three foals, Pandora, Medusa and Phoebe - she keeps them all in line when they get up to high jinx and capers in the arena.
In the stables Josie is always inquisitive and often stands just looking out of her stable watching everything that goes on with great interest.
She has a lovely shiny coat and loves to be groomed and made a fuss of. Josie is a such a cutie!


Maxwell is a bit of a rock star - he's good looking and he knows it! But he is a very laid back guy - he is a stallion though, so only very experienced riders ever get to ride him. He is the father of some of the horses at the stables, the stunning Medusa foal is one of Maxwell's offspring and she looks very like her dad...
Maxwell is powerful and moves beautifully and gives his riders a lovely ride.

Always likes to be greeted with a stroke on his forehead and he will often nod off when you make a fuss of him - but you must never forget he is a stallion!


Jimmy - aka Somerford Granville

My name is Jimmy.  I am one of the 2 resident stallions here.  I’m the Daddy!  Literally and I’m pretty much the boss.  Loads of my kids are here, teaching people to ride and being sold to other families.  I’ve won loads of prizes as well for showing, riding and driving. Sometimes Sarah takes me for a hack to Wormwood Scrubs and at Christmas I can often be seen driving Father Christmas around Notting Hill delivering presents to the children.
You can see more gorgeous photos of me winning prizes on our show page....

Unfortunately I’m not ridden by anyone except Sarah, but you’re welcome to come and have a chat with me!